GHC Signature Cocktails

  1. Siamese Greyhound 10
    Vodka Grapefruit, honey syrup, Lime juice, Grapefruit juice and fresh mint
  2. Bankyeekhan Sour 9
    Mekhong, Lemongrass syrup, Ginger syrup and lime juice
  3. Samyan Joke 9
    Mekhong, Egg white, Benedictine, apricot, Lemon juice and sugar syrup
  4. Manhattan Mama 9.5
    Mekhong, Antica formula and stone ginger wine
  5. Thai Sabai 10
    Mekhong, Thai basil, Lime juice, sugar syrup and top up with soda water
  6. Phra Kanong People 9.5
    Tequila, Lime juice, sugar syrup, chilli and coriander
  7. Chaiyo 10
    Gin, Prosecco, lime juice, sugar syrup, elderflower cordial, Thai basil and cucumber
  8. Soi Cowboy Girl 10
    Gin, Campari, Thai basil, lemon juice and passionfruit syrup
  9. Samed Iced Tea 11
    Vodka mandrin, Tripple sec, lime juice, sugar syrup and Greyhound signature Tea.
  10. Winter Sunshine 9
    Vodka Mango, Elderflower liqueur, Elderflower cordial, Lemon juice and pineapple juice.
  11. One Night in Samui (Glass) 11 / (Jug) / 25
    Caorunn Gin, apple schnapps, St Germain liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup, fresh lemongrass and Thai basil.
  12. Rachada Soi4 (Jug) / 25
    Mekhong, Passionfruit Liqueur, Fresh Passion fruit, Pineapple juice, Lemon juice, Sugar syrup

Classic Cocktails

  1. Old Fashioned 10.5
    Maker Mark’s, bitter and demerara sugar.
  2. Bloody Mary 9
    Vodka, Tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper and lime juice.
  3. Espresso Martini 10
    Vodka, Khalua, Thai organic espresso and sugar syrup
  4. Cosmopolitan 10
    Vodka mandrin, Tripple sec, cranberry juice, lime juice and sugar syrup.
  5. No.10 Negroni 13
    Tanqueray No.10, Campari and sweet vermouth.
  6. Aperol Spritz 9.5
    Aperol and Prosecco.
  7. Mojito 9.5
    Havana 3yo, fresh mint, fresh lime, demerara sugar, lime juice, sugar syrup and top up with soda water.
  8. Champagne Mojito 13
    Havana 7yo, fresh mint, fresh lime, demerara sugar, lime juice,sugar syrup and top up with Champagne.
  9. Mai Tai 10
    White Rum, Dark Rum, Amaretto, lemon juice, Orgeat syrup and a dash of Grenadine.
  10. Long Island Iced Tea 10
    Vodka, Gin, Rum,Tequira, Tripple Sec, Lime juice and Coca cola.
  11. Maker’s Sour 10
    Maker Mark’s, Lime juice, sugar syrup and bitter.


  1. Chang Lager  5% 320ml / 620ml / 4.5 / 7.2
    Premium Thai lager beer with a pleasant, full flavour, subtle fruit and hop aroma, delivering a natural easy-to-drink brew.
  2. Bussaba, Weissbier 4.7%, 330ml 5.5
    Tradition German Weissbier with Thai twist from Ginger Flower Tropical fruits, clove and floral.
  3. Chalawan, Pale Ale 4.7%, 330ml 5.5
    Inspired by Thai-folkloric tale, Chalawan King of Alligator. Tropical lychee notes with citrus and floral notes. Bold but smooth in flavour.
  4. Chatri, IPA 5.2%, 330ml 5.5
    The original session Thai IPA. Juicy grapefruit with subtle floral notes. Refreshing with big hops flavour.


White Wine

  1. 2017 Petit Chenin, Ken Forrester Wines (Glass) 6.5
    Western Cape, South Africa A youthful fresh wine with quince and pear drops flavours. Real freshness with crunchy green apple and grapefruit flavour.
  2. 2017 Blanc De Blanc, Le Rouleur (Bottle) 22
    Languedoc, France Crispy, fresh citrus and floral aromas. A lively palate with flavours of herb and apple.
  3. 2017 The Grapevine Chadonnay, McWilliams (Glass) 7.5
    New South Wales, Australia A rich, textured wine with fruit-forward peach flavours, well-balanced with the buttery feel of old school Chardonnay
  4. 2016 Organic Savignon Blanc (Glass) 8.5
    Wairarapa, New Zealand This delivers zesty gooseberry, capsicum and lime flavours with a hint of passionfruit with great weight and length.

Red Wine

  1. 2015 Rosso Veronese, Satrori (Glass) 6.5
    Intense and persistent bouquet of red fruits and spices. Full bodied, round, slightly dry and velvety, with a harmonious soft-textured body.
  2. 2016 Motto Red Blend Nior Gung Ho Chatau St. Michelle California, USA (Glass) 10
    Full bodied, fruity and soft floral aromas give way to flavours of blueberry pie and pomegranate with hint of jasmine tea and spice.
  3. 2016 Cotes Du Rouge, Domaine De La Janasse Rhone, France (Glass) 8.5
    The nose offers gobs of jammy black fruits intermixed with a delicious spiciness. The body is equally full, vibrant and concentrated.
  4. 2016 Massale Pinot Noir, Kooyong (Glass) 11
    Victoria, Australia Attractive brambly with a core of red fruits, fresh acidity, fine and a savoury edge which balance the fruit.


  1. NV Prosecco Extra Dry, Fiol Veneto, Italy (Glass) 7
    Pale lemon colour with a typical bouquet reminiscent od wisteria flowers, acacia and also crab apple. Fresh and lively.


  1. 2017 Comtre De Provence Rose La Vidaubanaise, France (Glass) 6.5
    A light, bright nose of wild strawberries with a refreshing, smooth palate.