1. Happy Toast 6.90
    Thick white or whole wheat toast served with 4 toppings of Thai tea custard, Thai coffee custard, sea salt caramel and condensed milk. A makeover of a dish from our childhood memory.
  2. Young Coconut Crepe Cake 7.90
    Crepe cake layered with young coconut flesh and its sweet cream. Served chilled.
  3. Palm Sugar Banana 7.90
    Thai grilled and candied banana with palm sugar caramel, served with vanilla bean ice cream.
  4. Sago An-Chan 6.90
    Tapioca pearls cooked in butterfly pea flower-infused juice topped with coconut cream. Served with young coconut sherbet.
  5. Red Rubies Tub Tim Krob 6.90
    Ruby coloured chestnut bites with coconut water granita. Sprinkled with young coconut flesh and coconut cream for that extra texture.
  6. Refreshing Pineapple Sorbet 4.50
    Served with fresh pineapple and strawberries
  7. Young Coconut Sherbet 4.50
    Our young coconut sherbet is light & refreshing and definately is a perfect way to end your meal.
  8. Mango Sorbet 4.5
    Don’t say we didn’t warn you, if you are a mango lover, we would say that one scoop may not be enough!
  9. Mango Sticky Rice 6.5
    Coconut sherbet, coconut milk, sticky rice and mango.